I received bad news back in September regarding my health.  The result was that I had to completely change how I live my life in regards to what I eat.  No more could I eat things that I loved.  My family even volunteered to change their eating habits as well in order to eat better.  In the end I lost 20 pounds, but from time to time I still feel frustrated because I miss the foods that I took for granted.

Each day is a struggle.  Each day I pass places I used to go with my friends and family and realize I can never visit those places again.  Each day I wrestle myself back to a positive mental attitude, because I know, in the end, I am making my body healthier.  I am working to possibly live longer and enjoy other things that I also used to overlook.  I am determined to break the Bad News Barrier to seek new and better horizons I never knew existed.  I have new choices and new beginnings.

You might be in a similar situation.  You are struggling with some news that you just don’t want to accept as being true.  It seems that it is completely ruining the plans that you had for the rest of your life.  You are also facing the Bad News Barrier and it seems impossible to cross it.

The hardest thing to do is face the imposing wall of Bad News.  It’s huge.  It’s looming.  It seems like it stretches forever.  The thing is, that no matter how big it is, how much you think you can’t do it, the Bad News Barrier was built to be broken.  It was built to shatter with your determination and fortitude.

It might be a long struggle.  It might be a short one.  You might never know how long it will take.  What you do know is that there are people around you that are watching, supporting and cheering you on so that you can take that leap, fold your hands into fists, and smash that Bad News Barrier to hundreds of tiny pieces.

My son watches me every day.  So does my wife and my mother-in-law.  They think of me as a strong guy.  I served in the U.S. Army and drove a tank for a living.  I’m also a martial artist.  They know I’m the type of guy who hates being knocked down.  They also know they are my inspiration to get back up and keep fighting.

Pick that one thing that matters.  Take hold of that one memory.  Hold close the image of that one person.  It could even be your dog or cat.  You can grasp a symbol of someone or something you hold dear, like a Rosary or dog tags.  Grip it tight.  Use the power of their memory or the feeling of that object in your hands to Break the Bad News Barrier.  Smash it to bits.  Rise.  Walk forward with victory in your mind knowing that you can never be defeated.

The Bad News Barrier was built to be broken by YOU!

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