It wasn’t a long time ago that we were sitting in front of our televisions playing video games and not worrying what the world was doing outside our door.  We would play hours and hours and not have a care.  However, things have changed since those days.

Today you work a steady job.  You put in many hours without thanks or any respect.  Your commute home stinks.  It might be on a train where it’s cramped and it smells.  It might be that you’re stuck in your car in bumper to bumper traffic.  You might even be unemployed or on disability.  The bills roll in and you are now living from day to day and check to check without a break.

We’ve all at one time hit rock bottom.  It’s a place that can be overwhelming and seem like there’s nowhere to run.  You seem trapped by circumstances that seem out of your control.  Your emotions quickly take hold of you and trying to shake the frustration seems an impossible task.

Believe it or not, playing those video games taught a very valuable lesson that we tend to overlook.  It’s the idea of never giving up and trying again until you can’t go on or you level up!

Break Through.jpg

The games usually revolve around a hero of some sort.  That hero saves the day at the end of the game.  Throughout the adventure things are discovered, obstacles are overcome and you might get an extra life or extra points.  You might grow larger, find an amazing weapon, or secure an item that will come in handy somewhere down the line.

No matter what game you played there was one thing you had to do.  It’s the one thing that all video games continue to share in common.  You had to start at the beginning.  That beginning  was at rock bottom.  It’s the rock bottom that you might be starting out at right now.

It seems you might never climb out of the pit.  It seems daunting, even terrifying what you have to go through.  You might might make some enemies.  So what?  Defeat them and level up.

It might take some time and it’s going to be exhausting.  So what?  Start now and work your way through little by little.  Overcome the largest obstacles through small tasks.  Level up.

It’s going to take planning.  You may think, “One wrong move and I might get a bad review.  I might not get that raise I was looking forward to.”  So what?  In a few weeks you could be sitting behind the desk at your new job with a new boss and some new people to call your coworkers.  You might even be making more money.

Take the chance.  Plan your next moves right.  Make those phone calls.  Send out the job inquiries.  Network with the right people.  Execute the right moves so that you can reach your goal and level up!

During your fight to level up you might become depressed.  You might become tired and frustrated.  It’s ok.  It will happen.  Just remember that your goal is to always level up and and progress a little further day by day.

Take the castle.  Raise the sword.  Defeat the demons.  Vanquish the overlord.  Take what is rightfully yours, because in the end, no one can stop you.  You alone control whether you do or you don’t.  Level up!  Become your own hero!




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