It’s been a couple of months since I started my blog and it’s been a very fulfilling experience for me so far.  My blog now is getting a new look and it will be changing as I progress through my own transformation.  Positivity will always be the foundation of what my articles will be about.  I am looking to reach my goals through maintaining a positive mindset, becoming healthier through positive decisions regarding diet and exercise, and spreading the information that I come across to all of you who read these pages.

Life isn’t easy.  If it was they would have called it vacation and not life.  I have had quite a bit of disappointing things happen to me along my journey, but the one thing that I can always say that I did that will eventually lead me to a life that I am happy with is my sense of always looking for answers.  I have always been curious.  I have always thought “there has to be something better than this.”

Unfortunately, just like many out there, the road has been very rocky.  I wanted to excel in my career on many occasions, only to come across people who wanted me to fail.  I put obstacles in my own way by feeding on anger and arrogance, which led me to the shores of opportunity, but kept me from making the correct decisions regarding how to proceed.  I saw walls where there were none.  I perpetually asked myself why is this happening to me, all the while relying on my prevailing attribute of being stubborn to push me along.

I started this website in order to keep myself accountable for my growth as well as help those along who witness what I’m going through and want a transformation of their own.  Hopefully, I become an positive influence and help change the lives of others through setting an example.

Just like the new look to my website, I am also looking different, inside and out.  I work out on my own, not in a gym, and realize I have a lot of work to do to get my body where it needs to be.  I read like a madman in order to gain the knowledge I need to charge forward in my endeavor to be a better person.  In the end, I hope to grow into something and someone better than I am today.

That being said, I hope you enjoy my posts.  If you have any questions or comments, be sure to post them or email me.  I look forward to hearing about your own journey!

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