Back in February I posted something on Twitter and Instagram that went something like this:

“Ideas are graceful. Action to fulfill your ideas can be like tripping over your own feet while trying not to spill your coffee all over yourself and the floor.”

The point is that everyone can have an idea. It can be an amazing idea. However, even the most incredible idea that could have changed the future of humanity, because it was never acted upon, disappeared into obscurity and was lost forever to the waves of time.

Don’t let this happen to you. All of your ideas might not be great ones, but you really can’t choose which those are. There are many people throughout history who thought their creations were mediocre, but it turned out that the public loved them!

  • Sting hates the song Roxanne.
  • Jim Morrison hated performing Light My Fire because someone else wrote it, even though The Doors made it a masterpiece.
  • Claude Monet hated some of his works so much that he destroyed 15 of them before they went on display. 
  • Scott Fahlman, creator of the beloved emoticons we use so much every day, has stated that he feels like Dr. Frankenstien because his creation has been turned into something that he doesn’t approve of.

These are just a few examples. There are countless inventors and artists throughout history which have had a dramatic impact on our culture and society which couldn’t see why the things they introduced were appreciated or used often. If it were up to them their ideas would have been better buried in a landfill somewhere.

Some of the incredible donations to our society took years to develop.  Some took millions of dollars as well. Some drove their creators crazy. Some drove the people who surrounded them crazy.

Steve Jobs had to create an entire market to sell his personal computers. How hard do you think that was? It was chaos from the very beginning.

The point is not to give up on something that has potential to be something great. It might take a long time. It might take a lot of research. It might also cause a lot of friction, doubt, discord, and the loss of a few friendships. 

Great creations don’t come easy. Remember, even the universe was created from from great catastrophe. 



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